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Try out our new Beammp server :)

Back when I first attempted beammp (BeamNg Drive Multiplayer) hosting the platform was far less stable I have been testing it for a few weeks and decided to get a server back online. We have mods, and currently host a west coast map server. Tp play search: Garrettmc in the public servers section

posted: 1/15/24 @02:26 MST

Garrettmc 4.3.5. Released

Hello everyone, in this update we brought support to mc 1.20.4. This will be one the last update for Garrettmc 4.0 (unless a major issue or mc version releases). As of this date 1/11/2024 there will no longer be any active development on Garrettmc 4.0.

Posted: 1/11/24 

Garrettmc 4.3.4 Released :)

       Hello everyone, we are sorry for the recent lack of updates. We have been busy with development of the Build Battle and Hunger games, these will be added into our 5.0 update, we are also revamping bedwars and hide and seek servers.

         In this update we have removed the fall theme. We are planning on having a Christmas update, which will be the last update coming to Garrettmc 4.0.

Posted: 11/18/23 @ 17:38 MST

Garrettmc 4.3.3 Released:)

Hello everyone, today we have completed the fall update. This update adds a fall theme to all servers exculding: Anarchy and Forge servers. We were not able to get the bedrock crossplay back uo and running but hope for it to be up by this week. 

Posted: 10/16/23 @16:42 MST

Garrettmc 4.3.2 Released

Hello everyone. we have updated our realms server to support 1.20.2. We plan to release another update next week or later this week that addresses issues with the bedrock server. We would also like to take this time to apologize for the poor uptime this week. we had some issues with the server and a rule configured on our firewall kept preventing the server from being online outside of the internal network. 

posted 10/12/23 @17:00 MST

Garrettmc 4.3.1 Released :)

Hello everyone, we have updated our server to support Mc version 1.20.2. Public realms will remain on 1.20/1.20.1 until we can update it to the 1.20.2 client. We hope you all have a good day :).

Posted: 9/21/23@ 17:38 MST

Garrettmc 4.3 Released :)

Hello everyone and we are sorry for such a long delay in releases, we have been very busy with development of Garrettmc 5.0. In this update we did many quality-of-life improvements such as revamping our help menus. We also restored most of the lost data from an issue that caused the bedwars server to revert much of its data back to an old configuration of the server. Please note that player stat data is reverted from a backup we had prior to this issue. We are sorry for any inconvenience’s caused by this issue. And lastly the smp, classic smp, and creative servers have been updated to fully support 1.20 so you can now use 1.20’s new blocks and features.

Posted 9/19/2023@ 20:15 MDT

Garrettmc 4.2.2 Released :)

Hello everyone, we are sorry for the lack of updates and we have a big plan in the works that we will be sharing soon. In this update we have added support for Minecraft 1.20

posted 6/13/23 @ 12:36 MDT

Garrettmc 4.2.1 Released :)

Hello everyone, we have finally found the issue with the lobby spawn on the OneBlock Mc server. We are sorry for the long awaited update. We are going to be starting the dev of Garrettmc 4.3 soon.

posted: 4/6/2023@ 00:11 MDT

* Image taken on Level 4: Abandoned office Garrettmc Backrooms game*

Garrettmc 4.2 Released

Hello everyone, we are glad to introduce you to our next big update, Garrettmc 4.2. In this update we have added 2 new games, One block and a backrooms game. We are will now start to focus on adding new content to games that need a refresh for our next update as we have been focusing on developing new games for some time now. We were debating on releasing one block at release as we are having some issues with lobby spawn as of right now. We will make sure to have this fixed by the release of 4.2.1 or 4.2.2. Anyways we hope you all enjoy this update :).

Changes in Garrettmc 4.2:

Garrettmc 4.1.6 Released

Hello everyone, we are coming at you all with another small update, this update adds Backrooms and Oneblock mc to the game selector in preparation for Garrettmc 4.2 Which will be coming out in a few days. The backrooms server is open to everyone as a little pre release sneak peek. We hope you all have a wonderful day :). 

Posted: 2/26/2023 @11:36 MST

Garrettmc 4.1.5 Released

Hello everyone, we have a small update for you all. We added support for the latest version of minecraft bedrock edition. 

Posted: 2/11/23 @13:20 MST

Garrettmc 4.1.4 Released (Hotfixes)

Hello everyone. we have another small update in store. In this update we have fixed a major issue that caused the bedrock server to work as well as patched small issues on other things related to the servers stability. We are really sorry for the loads of issues we have been experiencing with the server recently. We have decided to make ranks %60 off for the next 2 weeks. We are planning to release some sneak peaks and plans for our next coming update (Sneak peaks are posted in our discord server)  so stay tuned for that, anyways have a good day ya'll :). 

Posted: 1/30/23 @12:30 MST

Garrettmc 4.1.3 Released 

Hello everyone, we have released our latest bug patch/ small update. In this update we have fixed an issue with hide and seek that would cause players to be teleported to an ocean when returning to back to the hide and seek lobby. We are so sorry for taking so long to fix this issue, it took us a while to figure out what was causing the world management system to have issues. 

Posted: 1/14/2023 @ 23:16 MST

Garrettmc 4.1.2 Released

Hello everyone, in this update we have fixed an issue with the hide and seek server were you would stay in the came upon rejoining the server. We also added a return to lobby function in the game lobby. We are currently having an issue that causes players to get teleported to a completely different place than intended upon using the return to lobby function. 

Posted: 1/5/2022 @ 21:14 MST

Garrettmc 4.1.1 Released

Hello everyone, we have another update for you all. In this update we have re-added the Easter egg from the lobby in releases 3.0.5 to 3.3. Click here  for information on the Easter egg we have decided to bring back to the network :).

Posted: 1/2/2022 @ 21:12 MST

Garrettmc 4.1 Released :)

Hello everyone, we are happy to introduce you all to our latest big update known as Garrettmc 4.1. This update adds upoun what we werent quite able to introduce at the launch of Garrettmc 4.0. There were a few things we weren't able to get to in this update that we will get to in Garrettmc 4.2, but for now we have introduced a new main lobby, a new game (Hide & Seek) and a forge testing server.

Changes In Garrettmc 4.1:

posted: 12/27/2022 @ 16:09 MST

Garrettmc 4.0.7 Released

Hello, in this update we added the Hide and seek game to our game menu in preparation for the 4.1 release coming very soon. You will be kicked if you try to join as it is not quite ready yet. we are very close to releasing 4.1 however and may release it before the end of this year if everything goes to plan. 

posted: 12/26/2022 @ 15:56 MST

Garrettmc 4.0.6 Released

Hello everyone we want to say that we are finally back up and the database is finally in correct working order. We should have fixed future database issues from happening once and for all. In this update we have added campfires in the lobby to keep warm. We also made the server/ game selector up consistent across all server, it now looks way better. This will most likely be our last update before 4.1 as we want to focus our full attention on developing that as of now. 

Posted: 12/16/2022 @ 11:41 MST

Garrettmc main lobby 4.0.6

Garrettmc 4.0.5 Released

Hello everyone, we hope you all are having a fantastic day. We are exited to announce development of our next big update, anyways in this update we have fixed an issue where some of the trees got corrupted in our latest bedwars maps (Duos, 3v3v3v3, and 4v4v4v4 maps affected). We also did a little visual improvement to the Christmas update in our lobby. 

Posted: 12/13/2022 @ 17:26 MST

Garrettmc 4.0.4 Released

Hello everyone, we have released another minor update. In this update we introduced our new bedwars map to 3v3v3v3 and 4v4v4v4 modes which it was prevously missing from, we have also updated the announcement board. This will most likely be our last small update before Garrettmc 4.1 which we are going to start working on. 4.0 had a rough start but lets hope we have reached the end of it.

Posted: 12/12/2022 @ 20:39 MST

Garrettmc 4.0.3 Released

We have fixed an issue in the lobby that caused performance issues on lower end devices that could have caused them to crash altogether at times. These issues mostly affected bedrock clients. This issue is now fully resolved, however we did have to remove the snow falling plugin which was the plugin causing it and replace it with a different plugin that doesnt always have falling snow as it is the seasons plugin that the smp contains.  

Posted: 12/12/2022 @ 11:51 MST

Garrettmc 4.0.2 Released.

We have brought 1.19.3 support to our realms server and we fixed a major flaw with the party/ friends system where it wasnt syncing with the database. Unfortunately this has caused some data loss to some player where that will have to completely re-add their friends. Other players freinds will shown up but the system wont show their status correctly until you un-add and re-add them back. There is a slight chance some players are unaffected by this major database breakdown. We may do a complete maintenance on the entire database depending on how things run these next few days. We are so sorry for all of the inconveniences caused by this issue. we hope the 4.0 release issues are ironed out asap :).

posted: 12/11/2022 @ 17:48 MST

Garrettmc 4.0.1 Released

We added support for 1.19.3 for Java and Bedrock, the Public realms is still on 1.19.2 for the foreseeable future until there is a stable 1.19.3 client for it. 

posted 12/11/2022 @ 14:16 MST

Garrettmc 4.0- The Christmas/Winter update 🎄❄🎅

       Hello everyone, we are excited to announce the release of Garrettmc 4.0 (The Christmas update). This update added a new bedwars map, new duels map, and our latest game, murder mystery. But that’s not it the permissions system is now much better and on par with what we wanted since 3.0 but didn’t deliver back then. Due to the revamp of that system, we didn’t get around to adding as much content as we anticipated, and we will make it up to you all in the first big update to 4.0. We are also going public again, so anyone is allowed to join and play Garrettmc again.


All changes brought in this update:

-          Quality of life improvements

-          Improved permissions system

-          New bedwars map

-          Christmas theme (Relevant to release only)

-          New Murder mystery game

-          New duels map

-          Many more to come in the future 😊

Posted 12/11/2022 @ 12:04 MST