Garrettmc Forge Test

We are currently experiencing an outage on our forge server we are working to fix it as soon as possible :)

Hello Everyone We have decided to open a forge test server. We would like to spread out from vinalla hosting and get a little bit into modded server hosting. At the moment there is not too much done with the server as we had to halt it for other things in the development of Garrettmc 4.1 but we did get the server functional. We would like to intorduce it as a test server in Garrettmc 4.1.

How to access the server?

This server is accessed via the lobby through the forge server npc or via typing /server Garrettmc-forge into the game command window. 

Note you will need the following for the server to work correctly:

Where do I sign up for this server?

Sign up at the bottom of the page :)

Can I give suggestions?

We would love to hear your suggestions. we are still new to modded server hosting and your suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)