Hop on with a couple of friends and play some bedwears. We have Solos, Doubles, 3v3v3v3 and 4v4v4v4 with a decent range of different maps.


Come have fun and let build, whatever your mind desires. Y level 319 is the limit!, jokes aside have some fun and invite some friends to play on the creative server

Garrettmc SMP/Classic Smp /Factions

Come play on these non whitelisted smp's, no one owns ground its a free for all and its a game of life, you need to be on top of your game to survive.


No rules, chaos, destruction, make your way from spawn and build up a base.


Hop on and battle your opponent. There are plenty of modes to chose from there are also a variety of maps to chose from. Hop on today and Duel your friends. (This server is open to everyone and there is only a few more small bugs to work out)  


Hop on and play some skyblock on the garrettmc network. Bulit and expand your island today by going to skyblock server and creating your very own island. ( Do /is create examplename to create an island) 

Murder Mystery

Watch your back, you never know who to trust, stay vigilant. 


A big city that has been destroyed, despite best efforts to restore it has never made it back to the way it was, can you fix it?

Hide And Seek

Hide and try not to be spotted by the seeker


You entered a wrong door and now this is your reality, miles of endless halls and rooms, watch for entities.