Garrettmc 5.0 Updates

12/14/23: Hello everyone, we are pleased to announce we have almost completed our build battle server, we are still working on the other server and they aren't as close to done. There may be a month or two delay in the 5.0 release but we will keep everyone updated as soon as we know for sure. 

11/18/23: Hello everyone we are sorry for not updating you guys in quite a while. To break the silence we are happy to announce that we are working on the completion of our build battle and Hunger games servers. We are also still on track to release in Q1 2024

9/8/23: Hello everyone we are happy to announce that we have released sneak peeks at our new 5.0 updates we hope you like the new revamped lobbies. 

Murder Mystery Lobby

Bedwars Lobby

Main Lobby (small terraforming update)

9/2/23: Hello everyone we are starting development toward the server we planned on adding or revamping, we are also finishing the last of the lobby redesigns.  We will be releasing sneak peaks of all the lobby updates next week. 

8/17/23: Hello everyone we are sorry for the lack of updates we have been slow on development until recently. We are working on small details such as polishing up our lobbies and making small quality improvements. We have put our full focus towards development and we are planning to release around the new year. 

7/2/23: We are starting to work on the new lobby for the bedwars server overhaul.

6/19/23 @ 11:35 MDT: We have stared work on our 4 top picks for popularity. The top 4 are: 1. Build Battle 2. Hide and seek (improving on our already existing game) 3. Hunger games 4. Bedwears (improving upon our already existing games.

6/17/23 @ 17:22 MDT: We have gathered the necessary data we needed and we are now getting the test server online. (Beta testing unavailable as of now)