historic news updates

9/17: the server is undergoing major updates and won't be ready until later that day or sometime tomorrow 

10/3: Ranks added or being added ranks are , Player(default rank) Ranked , and Member and member+.

10/3 : new smp world added because old one was destroyed :(

10/4: Added ability to disable attack cool down for versions 1.9 - 1.17.1

10/5/21: Server will undergo updates later today or sometime tomorrow depending on what I have to do tonight

10/11/21 : We got some big plans for the upcoming November update. It will be a complete overhaul of the server and the only people who will have access at this time are operators. When the update releases ranks will be available for purchase

10/13/21: We are now starting to configure the basic plugins. Don get your hopes up too much yet as we are not even close to done. This update will be expected to release around the second week of November. We plan to migrate the current server over next week and of course you wont be able to assess the new servers.   

10/15/21: We have now started to configure some of the stuff in the lobby like holograms and a custom lobby portals and we are starting to set up lobby permissions shortly update still expected to release around 11/15/21 

10/17/21: The lobby is almost complete started working on party and friends systems and also started work on the smp , still expected release around 11/15/21. Been having more problems than expected with mysql database Auth but I think it is almost resolved

10:18/21: The lobby is finished, and the party and friends system is complete as well as the banning system. now working on  the smp and refining the bedrock crosplay plugin. then I plan to begin minigames and bedwears. And if I have enough time ill squeeze in skyblock but that will come after the main big update releases. 

10/22/21: The bewars is currently under development as well as the ranks system which our highest rank will be 8$. I haven't been working on the server as much due to. Things that I've needed to get done outside of the server but release date hasn't been extended. 

10/24/21: Now working on the bedwars and ranks set up on smp and anarchy still working on ranks in the bedwars and making an appeal system

10/27/21: working on ranks globally and creating the ranks buying page 

11/2/21: Due to the recent maintenance period there will be no skyblock until after the update. The bedwars is complete. only thing left to do is some final touches and checks before it releases.

11/5/21: finalizing rank perks and checking for bugs. there are 2 bugs with essentals.rules and bedwars shops not showing up. These things will be pushed to be fixed tomorrow. The server will soon enter a beta test for some (max 10) if you would like to be in it email me at garrett@garretteveryday.com. Also after the update all will be moved over to cloudflare.

11/6/21: fixed the /rules issue the bedwars bug is still an onging issues and now transferring  permission plugins due to the /rules issues.  Also updating the site and checking for other flaws but all seems good :)  ( you can sign up for the beta program until the 11th of November)

11/6/21 : All previous permission and bedwars  bugs fixed now monitering other bugs. Server is complete for now! We want to give credit to soulnode.net for setting up up with an amazing bedwars map and lobby template

11/11/21: First off I want to say happy veterans day and I appreciate all who are serving or who have served. Now as you all know the beta program is closed. The server update release is going to be held tonight at 9:00 pm mdt. If there are any bugs please report them as we are releasing this slightly early. The reason for this is because the current server had crashed twice in the last 2 days and it actually crashed again today. We care about our uptime here and want it to be as good as possible. Have fun on a much better server experience starting tonight. :)

11/11/21: Enjoy the new update everyone

11/16/21: Added a new form to the rank buying page. That's all for now folks :)

11/17/21: Did some little design improvements in the lobby there are some little bugs that I will address with the Christmas update such as:

- spanish text when executing command  /hub

- slightly slower than normal loading into server times 

-smp not cycling though ticks (day/night cycle)

- other small improvements 

The Christmas update will add snow throughout the server

11/19/21: We are sorry but we had to reset the main world on the smp. Because we feel bad every player affected gets $100. You can use this money in the next update to buy cosmetics and tools in the smp and other game modes over time.

11/22/21: We have a few things to cover, first off we will be having a scheduled hardware maintenance on December 4th. We will also be having a Christmas update which will add snow throughout the server. The Christmas update will also add a few new features to the server. Lastly the 1.18 update will be releasing on November 30th. We will not support it right away. We will allow you to connect with it but do not expect everything to work 100%.

11/25/21: Happy Thanksgiving to all :), The Christmas update is well on its was with snow and Christmas tress added to the Smp, lobby and Bedwars. Under the Christmas trees present spawn every couple of minutes this presents contain little gifts inside them. Open them you might get a rare gift :) We Also plan on addin more feature to the update a little later on

12/9/21: We will be getting a better server hardware By the end of the year. This means we will have more game modes like skyblock, skywars, duels, and 1 or 2 more minigames.


Hey everyone,

In the very near future we will be upgrading the server hardware. With this new upgrade we will be able to have more game modes and hold more players. We plan on adding gamemodes such as skyblock, duels, murder mystery, skywars, build battle, creative, as well as a couple other minigames. When we do this expansion we will also be able to have more players on the server. We hope you guys have had a good holiday season.

We also want to tell you the full case on the ransomware attacks that took the server out from December 16th to yesterday. These attack hit 2 of the 3 servers at 03:36 MST on 12/15/21. The servers affected was the active directory logon server as well as the file and print server. I wasn't aware of this until later that day. The attack also hit my personal laptop. I used a usb to reinstall everything. I did this because the stuff on my laptop is backed up to cloud servers. I did not realize the attack had affected those servers until 12/16/21. The issue with those servers were that restoring from backup could end up causing more damage due to the fact that the ransomware could encrypt the backup after the backup has been restored. I did not have the servers backed up to cloud servers so that was not an option. I got into contact with people to help with this attack immediately. I worked with them for days on end to find a solution to this attack. We ended up on doing the backup but made sure that the malware wouldn't carry over to the restore. I ended up having to reconstruct some of the data. 

This Attack happened due a venerability in the network setup. The attack happened due to the attacker finding the origin IP address and port scanning the IP to find open ports on the firewall. The attacker found that port 3389 was open. Since I used RDP to access the affected servers, they were able to gain access to them by cracking the password. Since this attack we have taken measures such as fixing the firewall vulnerability. As well as taking the proper security measures for all devices and servers.

12/29/21: We now have a creative server.

1/29/22: New Update: Social Systems

Hop on the server with your friends and add them as a friend on the server, party up with your friends and have a good time. You can also make new friends on the server. When in a party you can now also privately chat others in the party. Come join and make some new friends on the Garrettmc Network. 

Some smaller updates we did: We also changed the help page on in the main lobbies. Curranty we are also looking at a lobby selector plugin for the 2 main lobbies we have now. 

About the duels server....... We have been having some difficulty geeing the server to work with java 18 we hope to have it all  set up and ready to go soon.

posted 1/28/22 @00:38 MST