The Grand 5.0 Plan

Garrettmc Network Revival Plan

“The grand 5.0 Plan”



         Hello everyone, we deeply understand an introduction is necessary. So, let us start off with the basics. Our top priority for this plan is to specialize in four of the most popular servers and make them as quality as possible. Our next priority is to improve the overall quality of the server and integrate everything better. We are still going to offer a wide range of servers as we vow to never break our founding principles. We are going to be focusing heavily on servers that are high in popularity. This is our revival strategy.


So, what made us fall off?

        One of the core reasons was due to the chat reporting system introduced in late July 2022, this update (1.19.1) was not a well-received update, and I lost my drive to keep pushing with the server. I quickly found out my bungeecord proxy setup bypassed this system and started going at the server again. After around 2 months did not want too anymore.

This is when things took a turn for the worst and the server saw little to no traffic. I felt bad about abandoning everything and thought back on the good times when I had when I had a bit of a player base, so I pushed to release 4.0 before Christmas of 2022. I was successful in my goal; however, it came with some things that I needed to fix up. I ended up releasing two new games and added a new lobby and did some overall nice improvements. However, things were dry and desolate on the server, so I once again lost my drive to keep at the server. I needed to form a plan….

There were other reasons I lost focus on the server such as I have gotten into cars, I have also gotten into photography (follow @montanaphotography123 on Instagram to see my work.) For those reasons (and others) I have found less time to be able to do things on the server.

The Execution:

        First, we are going to start off by viewing statistics on server advertising websites and collect the data and produce averages, we will focus on the top four. We will then work to develop those servers and get everything working well. Further on we will work on the rest of the server.


How long will this take?

         This is going to take a long time to get everything to the best possible quality. We are planning to release it somewhere around Q1 2024. We will keep you posted until then. For our current 4.0 update we will be continuing active development. Updates will be less frequent; we plan to release our last major update for Garrettmc 4.0 this month. We will make sure to do bug fixes as well.


When are we starting?

 As of the release date of this we have started gathering data for our analytics. We will keep you posted as we get closer to our goal, but updates will not be daily, we are going to do an update every 2.5 weeks.


What made us want to revive the server?

         I enjoyed it when there was a small player base on the server and had some particularly good times. Looking back made me want to establish a player base again and hopefully grow it bigger this time around. I am going to be using the extra time I have for a while and really get working on this. When I do not have as much time, I will spend a little over an hour a day on development. After release I am going to stay consistent with server monitoring and upkeep and spend some time each day checking for bugs and keeping up with the player base.



         We hope you all have a wonderful summer and a great rest of your day. As for us we will keep you all updated about how the plan is going. We hope you liked our plan and if you would like to share any input or have something to add I’m open to suggestions (visit my discord server to or email me at to send suggestions and ideas)