4.0 Sneak Peaks

11/13/22: We have completed murder mystery and done a few other improvements we are so sorry for the lack of updates recently and we are going to step up our game and do some updates.

11/13/22 #2: Revamped the npc's system to be more clean and consistant

11/14/22: We have started doing the Christmas theme as well as working on adding maps to Duels. We are around %40 done with the update to 4.0 and are scheduled to release around Early to mid December.

12/6/22: Sorry for the lack of updates but we are close to done with this update and we will give you a release dater very soon

Sneak Peak of how the Christmas update will look (Some touch ups will happen but it will mostly look like this)

11/15/22: We are currently working on revamping the ranks system we will let you know when this is finished.

11/16/22: We have done a lot of work towards bettering our ranking system. More specifically on how we handle the purchases of new ranks. We are glad to to announce that it will now be automated so now when you buy a rank then join/ rejoin the server your rank will be automatically given to you without any sort of actions us (unless something doesn't work). We are glad to have been able to do this and it is defiantly something that needed to happen although a little later than it should have. We hope to keep moving forward in the progression of 4.0 and beyond that.

Please also note that due to this rank system overhaul you will need to emil me @ garrett@garretteveryday.com after purchasing a rant to obtiain the rank during the rest of 3.0's lifespan, sorry for any inconveniences.

11/19/22: We are working on bedwars maps, we have released a new map just today called winter-wonderland (only avalible on test server). We also fully completed Murder mystery. We are going to shift our attention to revamping the rest of the permissions/ ranks system.

12/6/22: Sorry for the lack of updates but we are close to done with this update and we will give you a release date very soon

12/8/22: We will Relapse on December 10th. unfortunately due to some troubles with duels dev and perms system revamp we didn't add as much new content as we desired to, we will make this up to you all with our first major revision of 4.0. 4.0 was an update more focused on technical improvements rather than content addition like in 3.0. We do still want to give you new content however and we are sorry we fell short on that commitment.