IT/Admin Department

Garrettmc IT/Admin Division: 2022 Goal

The Garrettmc IT division is focused on bettering and bettering the security of our commuter systems. We have been taking more and more measures over the past few months to deliver on that goal. In December we were attacked by voidcrypt ransomware. We realized we need to make drastic measures to prevent something like that from ever happening again. Which is why we are so focused and dedicated towards cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is not our only focus; we are also focused on bettering the reliability on robustness of the network. We have recognized that there were and still are many flaws to address in the network. We have fixed most of the major flaws that used to cause bad uptime for the server last year. There were still a few network issues that happened in January but were less severe than the network issues that plagued the server in October and November.

Recently we have moved forward in our plan to expand out and revamp the network. Due to this we are now better prepared against DDoS attacks and other network related issues. We are still working to make the server more reliable for the future. We are also planning on expanding to several games/server hosts such as Fivem, Rust, Etc

We are also focused on system administration here at Garrettmc, We Are using Microsoft administration for now due to the fact that we don’t have too many Bare Metal instanced of Linux. We use the likes of on prem Active Directory Domain Services as well as azure ad. We have them hybrid joined for things such as windows hello for business, easy bitlocker management. We also sync the on prem accounts to azure ad to easily give every user work or school accounts using the hybrid join system with azure ad sync.

That’s all for our 2022 Goals

Garrettmc Network It Division